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The mystery behind Eastern European girls

Take a look through our gallery of tel aviv escorts and you’ll see that it’s packed full of girls from all over Eastern Europe. Israel Escorts have the pleasure to promote literally hundreds of Eastern European escorts on our site and, one thing’s for sure, whether they’re from Bulgaria or Poland, Latvia, Lithuania or Russia, they all have that ability to please a man in all kinds of personal and intimate ways. Whether you’re looking for a tall blonde from Lithuania to accompany you to dinner, a dark and exotic beauty to show you some Eastern promise behind closed doors, or you’d love to spend time with the redhead who looks just like an old fashioned movie star, you can be sure that you’ll find the perfect partner for you amongst our fantastic selection of European escorts.
A fantastic choice of beautiful European escorts
One thing that sets our agency apart from other tel aviv escort agencies is the sheer choice of incredibly beautiful girls. Whether you prefer blondes, brunettes or redheads, slim or busty escorts, tall or short girls, you’ll see that we offer hundreds of beautiful girls in every category. The vast majority of these girls originate from countries in Eastern Europe, Russia and former Soviet states, such as Latvia and Lithuania. While they may be from different countries, what they all have in common is that desire to make a better life for themselves. Although they may love their countries and, indeed, many of our Eastern European escorts have had very successful lives and careers in their homelands, they have that yearning urge to improve their own personal circumstances and to explore all that life has to offer.
This desire has led to many young Eastern European women making the decision to come to tel aviv to live, to work and to study, with many of these girls choosing to fund their new lives by offering escort services to discerning gentlemen throughout the capital. As an agency, we’re extremely glad that they have made this decision, as it allows us to bring you some of the most attractive, most intelligent, most adventurous and most desirable women around, who are willing to give their time and attention to clients just like you, and it’s given us the chance to put together a simply superb portfolio of Eastern European escorts.
Beautifully groomed and beautifully put together
Of course, we’d be lying if we said that looks didn’t matter. Unfortunately, (or fortunately for you), society tends to judge people, especially women, on their looks and we know that in general, the men who use escort agencies are no different to the rest of society. With this in mind, you’ll find that every girl in our vast escort portfolio has the kind of looks that would certainly turn heads if they were walking down one of the tel aviv streets, or indeed any street anywhere in the world. All our Eastern European escort girls in tel aviv are not only naturally beautiful, but they make the most of their assets with regular and meticulous grooming and by keeping their bodies in good shape.
Their grooming routines can be time consuming to say the least, as they strive to achieve absolute perfection. Glossy well cut hair, precision shaped eyebrows, skilfully applied make up, smooth, hair free skin, immaculate manicures and pedicures – in fact, these girls wouldn’t look out of place on the catwalks of any international fashion show. They know how important it is to create that all important first impression. While you may find that the girls don’t look exactly like their photographs, most clients say that they look even better in real life. Probably something to do with the amount of makeup they wear for their professional photographs and the fact that most men, if asked, will say that they prefer, the more natural, no makeup look. Please note that all the photographs of all our Eastern European escorts are completely genuine
Add to this, the requirement for the girls to keep their bodies in shape. This doesn’t necessarily mean having a model girl figure, in fact, some of most popular Eastern European escorts have a fuller more voluptuous figure, which appeals to many men, but it does mean keeping their bodies healthy and well cared for. However we do find that the vast majority of our Eastern European escort girls have incredible figures, some of which have been surgically enhanced to appeal to those men who love the idea of busty escorts. We also have many busty escorts with completely natural assets, who are always in demand with those clients who can’t get enough of our buxom Eastern European beauties.
An innate desire to provide the very best tel aviv escort services that they can
We’ve found that all our Eastern European escorts have something very special in common, and that’s the innate desire to provide the very best tel aviv escort services that they can. They have a common understanding that in order to be the best, they have to offer a service which is second to none. That’s why you’ll find that our Eastern European escorts will always go that extra mile to ensure that each and every client is left feeling totally satisfied after a meeting with them. Whether you choose to meet them in public for a dinner date or party, at your home or hotel room, or in the privacy of their comfortable escort apartments, you’ll find that they’ll give you their full attention and a personal and intimate service which you’ll absolutely adore.
The vast majority of our Eastern European girls love the idea of meeting new people, learning all about the tel aviv way of life, improving their English and generally enjoying every new experience that comes along. That’s why you’ll find that they’re open, friendly and willing to chat and have fun. They don’t just go through the motions, like some escorts, but prefer to engage completely with their clients, to give you a more personal, intimate and enjoyable service. You’ve probably all met with an escort at some time in your life, who’s been completely detached, devoid of emotion and merely going through the motions. While this kind of attitude may be what some punters want, we’re sure that the majority of you are looking for someone who at least seems to be enjoying spending time with you. After all, we all love to be wanted and feel desired, even if we are meeting someone for the first time.
Intelligent, well educated and ambitious too
You’ll find that many of our Eastern European escorts have left top flight careers behind, or are here in tel aviv to further their education. While some of our escorts are happy to be involved in escorting full time, others see it as a way to have fun while studying. This means you’ll often get to meet girls who are intelligent, well educated and ambitious. They’re perfectly capable of engaging in all kinds of conversation and discussions and make excellent dinner companions, especially if you’re invited to a business or formal dinner. Of course, the fact that they look absolutely stunning is a big bonus. If you can stop staring at them for long enough, you’ll find that you’ll soon be involved in a wide range of conversations depending on your interests, and your ability to refrain from whisking your escort back to your place for some naughty talk instead!
Many of our Eastern European escorts are multilingual, speaking a range of languages, not just English or those found in Eastern Europe countries, but languages such as Spanish and Italian too. This makes them very appealing to men of all nationalities, not just British and Russian clients. Although some of our escorts only have basic English when they first arrive in tel aviv, they usually have the determination to learn the language and they usually become fairly fluent very quickly. In any event, even if English is not a language they are entirely comfortable with, you’ll find that ‘body language’ and passion will transcend any communication issues. We’re sure you’ll agree that sometimes you don’t need to speak to get your point across.
With the ability to fit into all kinds of social situations
While many clients prefer to use their meeting with one of our Eastern European escorts to spend intimate time alone in the privacy of either their home, hotel room or the escort’s apartment, we also get many bookings for our escorts to join clients for a range of social situations. Sometimes it’s just an intimate dinner for two in one of tel aviv’s top restaurants, other times clients request duo escorts to make up a business dinner ‘foursome’. Sometimes a client books an escort to accompany him to a more formal occasion or to act as a ‘hostess’. For occasions such as these, it’s important that the right escort is selected, the kind of woman who not only looks elegant and sophisticated, but one which has the social skills and ability to blend seamlessly into any social situation. We find that our Eastern European girls are perfect for these kinds of occasions and many excel at being companions in the corporate world.
Of course, some clients are looking for girls who are liberated, wild and free to join more ‘fun’ get togethers in tel aviv clubs, at private parties or even at parties in other parts of Europe, such as the South of France. Our Eastern European escorts have plenty of experience of being fun loving companions for parties of businessmen or as part of promotional events.
Perfect company behind closed doors
While many clients do choose to meet their escorts in public, an even large proportion prefer to spend their meetings behind closed doors. They love the idea of getting to know their companion in a more intimate manner and experiencing their very special brand of personal skills. All our escorts excel in providing the kind of escort services that most men dream about. From a no holds barred GFE (girlfriend experience) to all kinds of naughty games and role play. Some of our Eastern European escorts have that assertive streak which makes them perfect domination escorts, and are the ideal choice for those of you who’d love to have a D/s experience. Others are sweet and saucy, making them the ideal choice if you’ve always had a fantasy about the naughty girl next door.
Our Eastern European escort girls know and understand that satisfied clients are happy clients and that’s why they offer all those things that men desire. They’ll give you 100% attention, arousing both your mind and body to give you a completely absorbing escort encounter. Whether you decide to scratch an itch with a quick in and out 30 minutes escort meeting or you’d like to spend the whole night with one of our Eastern European escorts, you’ll get the same level of superior service from our fully committed and dedicated team of tel aviv escort companions. Plus you’ll always come away with the feeling that you’ve made a new friend, rather than feeling that you’ve simply been involved in a business transaction.
Be careful you don’t lose your heart
While we all know that men may visit an escort so that they can avoid the emotional attachment that goes with a full blown romantic attachment, we also know that many men find it very difficult to remain emotionally detached when faced with some of the beautiful, intelligent and openly friendly women who work as escorts in tel aviv. Although this is totally understandable, unfortunately it will probably lead to disappointment, as most escorts do not see escorting as a way to find a long term partner. However, if you are able to remain in control of your emotions, meeting with one or more of our gorgeous Eastern European escorts can be the perfect way to experience the highs that can come when you spend time in the company of such delightful women as these. Isn’t it time you uncovered the mystery of the Eastern European escorts?